What You Need to Know About Buy to Let FinanceMany thanks for your interest in my FREE Special Report and MP3 audio:

What You Need to Know about Buy to Let Finance

This is a transcript and an audio recording of an interview I undertook with Alasdair Devine of PIF.co.uk, in which he shares a valuable market update, along with details of some of the best offers available, and other useful tips and snippets of knowledge for buy to let borrowers.

I grilled Alasdair for almost an hour about:

  • the current state of the buy to let lending market and how it’s getting easier for investors
  • who is giving the best deals and who is lending 80% LTVs or more
  • which lenders DON’T have a minimum income requirement
  • do lenders ‘caps’ mean you can’t increase your portfolio?
  • how equity from your own home can get you started
  • who’s lending to first time landlords and who isn’t
  • “variable or fixed rates?” – the big question
  • portable mortgages and how to use them
  • the best providers for light refurbishment buy to let loans
  • when it might be better to use bridging
  • what’s happened to development finance
  • why the Six Month Rule isn’t a rule, and why that matters
  • where to get “Asset Finance”

and much, much more.

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