Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let

“How to Prosper in Buy to Let in 2013” 

It’s no surprise that buy to let has been a phenomenal success over the last decade.

Buy to let can provide extra income, a nest-egg for the future, cash lump sums, and can supplement your pension. It can even provide a replacement income and set you free financially.

All in all it makes perfect sense; perfect sense, that is, when it’s done properly.

Most people can buy a property but sadly very few people buy the right property.

10 Tips to Prosper in Buy-to-LetHowever, a little prior knowledge can make all the difference and can help ensure a profitable and successful outcome every time.

In Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let I’ll share with you ‘must know’ information to help you make the most of the ‘buy to let’ opportunity.

I’ve been directly involved in buy to let for over 13 years and during that time have put together a portfolio of 61 properties, having started from scratch and using very little of my own money.

Time and again I see investors buying the house down the road because it’s “handy”, or because it’s a “nice house” and the sort of house they’d like to live in themselves.

Purchasing buy to let property based on criteria like these is one of the main reasons why some investors get their fingers burned, and why many others don’t make the returns they hope for.

That’s why in Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let I’d like to share with you my considerable experience of buy to let and show you the things you need to know and think about which will make a real difference.

Amongst other things I’ll show you:

*Why you need to set your property goals and plan to achieve them

*The dangers of thinking short-term

*How and why you should measure your progress

*Why you should never plan to rely only on capital growth and equity

*Why finding the right finance is as important as finding the right property

*Why you need to set your emotions to one so side so you can make the best investment decisions

*Why you need to understand what your tenant wants before you part with your money

*The truth about cash-flow – why you’ll never get to keep as much rent as you think you will and what to do about it

*Why you need to prepare a detailed budget and know your costs inside out

*Why you need to rely on your own judgement and not look to others to make decisions for you

*Why you need to invest in yourself and enjoy continuous education

In Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let I want to help you to avoid the basic but costly mistakes many investors make, and instead help you on the right road to property success.

If you’re serious about being successful in buy to let then for less than the price of a fancy coffee I can help you on your way.

When you buy your copy of Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let I’ll even show you how you can get more property ebooks by me, free, as a bonus and as a ‘thank you’ from me.

So please buy and download your copy now.

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Here’s to successful property investing

Peter Jones B.Sc FRICS

Chartered Surveyor, author and property investor