Why Now is a Great Time to Buy UK Property (even if you can’t get bank finance)

 “Why would anyone in their right minds want to invest in the UK Property Market Right Now?”

That’s a great question and one I’m asked all the time, and even whilst I’m being asked, people who are in their right minds are quietly snapping up as many property bargains as they can.

In this short ebook I want to show you why and how you, too, should be taking the opportunity to buy in what may prove to be one of the best times ever to buy UK property, before it’s too late.

Although the UK property market is usually portrayed as being ‘weak’ or ‘stagnant’, in many respects things are very positive. Just think about this:

*Buy to let is not only surviving the credit crunch but is booming.

*The private rented sector is stronger than it has been for decades.

*Property can be bought at substantial discounts and at bargain prices.

*Finance is still relatively easy to obtain when you know how.

Why Now is a Great Time to Buy UK PropertyDespite this there’s a widespread misunderstanding of how property investment works and why this is actually a great time to buy property. As a result many potential buyers are going to look back in the future and see that they’ve missed the boat.

It’s often said by those in the know that it’s easier to make money in a down or stagnant property market than in a rising market. The trouble is that very few people know how to take advantage of those market conditions.

That’s why in Why Now is a Great Time to Buy UK Property I will tell you:

*Why we live in financially uncertain times and how why things are not going to go back to normal – how we respond to this will shape our financial futures

*What’s really happening in the market and why a stagnant market could become a ‘surging market’ almost overnight

*The often overlooked market driver which could result in prices doubling over the next 10 years. Sounds far fetched? It isn’t, it’s just common sense.

*The difficulties faced by existing investors and why new investors may find things easier

*Is traditional property investing even still relevant?

*The 6 major benefits of owning investment property

*How property investing can work when bank finance is still hard to get

*The alternative to conventional finance which many investors are using instead

*Why the reports of the death of No Money Down are greatly exaggerated and how ‘Little Money In’ is alive and kicking

* Why you don’t have to rely on bank finance

*The simple technique which allows investors to control a property without buying it – in may ways this is better than ownership

This ebook is for you if you want to know what’s really happening in the UK investment market and why now is the time that you should be buying.

If you’re serious about property investing then for less than the price of a sandwich you can download these valuable tips and pointers right now.

And when you download your copy of Why Now is a Great Time to Buy UK Property I’ll even show you how you can receive more property ebooks by me as a free bonus and as a thank you from me.

So please buy and download your copy now.

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Peter Jones B.Sc FRICS

Chartered Surveyor, author and investor.