Questions to Ask Before Buying an Investment Property Abroad

Questions to Ask Before Buying an Investment Property AbroadAt a time when the property market in the UK looks like it’s set to stagnate for at least a few more years, buying investment property abroad can provide an interesting alternative to the “vanilla” option of buying UK buy to let property.

Depending on where you buy, overseas property can provide bigger discounts from ‘market value’ and have increased, or more immediate, prospects for capital growth.

However, with many governments adopting “austerity” measures with resultant economic and political uncertainty, it’s natural that investors looking overseas will be more cautious now than they have been for a long time.

The truth is that no matter what the prevailing conditions are like, generally speaking, a property deal is only as good as the due diligence undertaken by the investor.

If an investor puts the effort into prior research, then they can buy with much more confidence and avoid most of the problems which other property buyers face.

As a first step in the due diligence process, in this brief report I detail 8 of the key questions I think you should be able to answer before you commit to any overseas purchase.

If you can answer these 8 questions you should be able to eliminate most, if not all, potential nasty shocks and will have a far better understanding of the local market on which to make an assessment of risk.

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Here’s to successful property investing

Peter Jones B.Sc FRICS

Chartered Surveyor,author and property investor


12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start In Property

12 Questions To Ask Before You Start in PropertyEven a cheap property can cost a lot of money and so anyone thinking of taking the plunge in property investing need to give themselves the best possible chance of getting it right from the start. Once you sign your first purchase contract you’re committed and there’s no going back. If you make a mistake, or discover that property investing really isn’t for you, extricating yourself can be a messy business.

On the other hand, if you start off properly prepared and aware of what being a property investor will involve for you, personally, then you have every chance of making a success of it and finding it a positive and worthwhile experience.

This short report is a brief check-list of some of the things I think it’s helpful to think about before starting in property.

Some might seem obvious but many are much less obvious.  I’m often surprised at how many people will happily spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a property or properties without having first thought about some of even the most basic aspects of being a property investor.

For example, many new investors never consider what their exit strategy is until they’ve purchased.

Others don’t think about how much time being an investor takes, even as a part-time investor, and how that can affect their investment decisions, or the implications for where, geographically, they are going to buy their properties.

Few think ahead to how active they want to be in their business. And many purchase a property without first taking proper accountancy advice as to the best way to structure their property ownership, and then have to spend time and money unravelling it and starting over correctly.

A little bit of preparation and planning in advance is time well spent and makes all the difference.

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Here’s to successful property investing

Peter Jones B.Sc FRICS

Chartered Surveyor, author and property investor

Ten Top Tips For Property Renovation Profits

Making money renovating property can be easy … but only if you know what you are doing! A lot of people think they can make money by renovating property …until they try it! 

With the popularity of TV programmes like “Property Ladder” and “Homes under the hammer” it seems like every one wants to try their hand at property renovating.

And on the face of it, that’s a good idea. After all, it can be highly profitable.

But the shocking truth is that very few renovators actually make any money from it! Worse still, many lose money.

But by using a few simple but powerful techniques you can guarantee yourself a profit every time.

10 Top Tips for Property Renovation Profits

I’ve been renovating property since 1995, either to keep and rent out, or to sell-on at a profit.

I’ve literally lost count of how many houses and flats I’ve renovated but at the moment, at any one time, I’ll usually have 3 or 4 projects on the go.

I want to share my experience and knowledge with you so you can save time and do the things that work, and avoid the things that don’t.



In this brief report I’ll give you ten of my top tips on how to renovate property and make a profit including:

  • How you can accurately assess the profitability of a project before you start, and work out to the penny how much you should make
  • Why doing the work yourself is often a false economy
  • The unseen interest charges you need to account for
  • 12 things you need to have on site to keep your contractors happy
  • Why it’s important to get the contractors on site in right order – an obvious one but something that’s often overlooked in the excitement of getting the job done 

And other little titbits based on my 18 years of renovating property for profit.

If you’re serious about renovating property for profit then for less than the price of a pint of beer let me help you to get off to a flying start and give yourself the best possible chance of a successful outcome every time.

And when you buy and download your copy of Ten Top Tips For Property Renovation Profits I’ll show you how you can receive more property ebooks from me, free, as a bonus and as a thank you from me.

So please buy and download your copy now.

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Here’s to successful property investing

Peter Jones B.Sc FRICS

Chartered Surveyor, author and property investor

Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let

“How to Prosper in Buy to Let in 2013” 

It’s no surprise that buy to let has been a phenomenal success over the last decade.

Buy to let can provide extra income, a nest-egg for the future, cash lump sums, and can supplement your pension. It can even provide a replacement income and set you free financially.

All in all it makes perfect sense; perfect sense, that is, when it’s done properly.

Most people can buy a property but sadly very few people buy the right property.

10 Tips to Prosper in Buy-to-LetHowever, a little prior knowledge can make all the difference and can help ensure a profitable and successful outcome every time.

In Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let I’ll share with you ‘must know’ information to help you make the most of the ‘buy to let’ opportunity.

I’ve been directly involved in buy to let for over 13 years and during that time have put together a portfolio of 61 properties, having started from scratch and using very little of my own money.

Time and again I see investors buying the house down the road because it’s “handy”, or because it’s a “nice house” and the sort of house they’d like to live in themselves.

Purchasing buy to let property based on criteria like these is one of the main reasons why some investors get their fingers burned, and why many others don’t make the returns they hope for.

That’s why in Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let I’d like to share with you my considerable experience of buy to let and show you the things you need to know and think about which will make a real difference.

Amongst other things I’ll show you:

*Why you need to set your property goals and plan to achieve them

*The dangers of thinking short-term

*How and why you should measure your progress

*Why you should never plan to rely only on capital growth and equity

*Why finding the right finance is as important as finding the right property

*Why you need to set your emotions to one so side so you can make the best investment decisions

*Why you need to understand what your tenant wants before you part with your money

*The truth about cash-flow – why you’ll never get to keep as much rent as you think you will and what to do about it

*Why you need to prepare a detailed budget and know your costs inside out

*Why you need to rely on your own judgement and not look to others to make decisions for you

*Why you need to invest in yourself and enjoy continuous education

In Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let I want to help you to avoid the basic but costly mistakes many investors make, and instead help you on the right road to property success.

If you’re serious about being successful in buy to let then for less than the price of a fancy coffee I can help you on your way.

When you buy your copy of Ten Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let I’ll even show you how you can get more property ebooks by me, free, as a bonus and as a ‘thank you’ from me.

So please buy and download your copy now.

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Here’s to successful property investing

Peter Jones B.Sc FRICS

Chartered Surveyor, author and property investor

Why Now is a Great Time to Buy UK Property (even if you can’t get bank finance)

 “Why would anyone in their right minds want to invest in the UK Property Market Right Now?”

That’s a great question and one I’m asked all the time, and even whilst I’m being asked, people who are in their right minds are quietly snapping up as many property bargains as they can.

In this short ebook I want to show you why and how you, too, should be taking the opportunity to buy in what may prove to be one of the best times ever to buy UK property, before it’s too late.

Although the UK property market is usually portrayed as being ‘weak’ or ‘stagnant’, in many respects things are very positive. Just think about this:

*Buy to let is not only surviving the credit crunch but is booming.

*The private rented sector is stronger than it has been for decades.

*Property can be bought at substantial discounts and at bargain prices.

*Finance is still relatively easy to obtain when you know how.

Why Now is a Great Time to Buy UK PropertyDespite this there’s a widespread misunderstanding of how property investment works and why this is actually a great time to buy property. As a result many potential buyers are going to look back in the future and see that they’ve missed the boat.

It’s often said by those in the know that it’s easier to make money in a down or stagnant property market than in a rising market. The trouble is that very few people know how to take advantage of those market conditions.

That’s why in Why Now is a Great Time to Buy UK Property I will tell you:

*Why we live in financially uncertain times and how why things are not going to go back to normal – how we respond to this will shape our financial futures

*What’s really happening in the market and why a stagnant market could become a ‘surging market’ almost overnight

*The often overlooked market driver which could result in prices doubling over the next 10 years. Sounds far fetched? It isn’t, it’s just common sense.

*The difficulties faced by existing investors and why new investors may find things easier

*Is traditional property investing even still relevant?

*The 6 major benefits of owning investment property

*How property investing can work when bank finance is still hard to get

*The alternative to conventional finance which many investors are using instead

*Why the reports of the death of No Money Down are greatly exaggerated and how ‘Little Money In’ is alive and kicking

* Why you don’t have to rely on bank finance

*The simple technique which allows investors to control a property without buying it – in may ways this is better than ownership

This ebook is for you if you want to know what’s really happening in the UK investment market and why now is the time that you should be buying.

If you’re serious about property investing then for less than the price of a sandwich you can download these valuable tips and pointers right now.

And when you download your copy of Why Now is a Great Time to Buy UK Property I’ll even show you how you can receive more property ebooks by me as a free bonus and as a thank you from me.

So please buy and download your copy now.

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Peter Jones B.Sc FRICS

Chartered Surveyor, author and investor.

The Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass

“Don’t Miss out! There May Never Be a Better Time For You To Buy Property”

‘The Next 18 Months will provide an unprecedented opportunity to secure your financial future…but you need to act NOW!’

           The Property Investors High Profit Masterclass    


Dear Fellow Property Investor,

Everything you need to know to make the most of the opportunity  provided by today’s amazing market conditions – 16 hours of knowledge on 15 DVDs

Many property experts agree that the next 18-24 months could provide an unprecedented opportunity for you to buy property and, should you wish, to secure your financial future.

The House Price Indices suggest that although the property market is now probably past the bottom and we may have already have missed out on the very best buying opportunity, we could have a second chance as things get bumpy over the next year and as there may be more, limited falls in values.

The truth is that when the market is volatile like it is now, up in some months and down in others, it creates uncertainty. In turn the uncertainty creates buying opportunities because sellers are more likely to agree big discounts in an uncertain market than in a stable or rising market.

That’s why it’s so important that we take action NOW as every day that we delay means we could be missing out even more.

Is Property Investing Still Worth All The Effort?

Definitely, YES! No one can be certain about what will happen in the property market over the next year or two but in the long term I can only see property prices going one way – UP!

Here are some simple facts:

Fact – there is still a chronic shortage of property in the UK

Fact – we are building far fewer properties than we need and this problem has been made even more acute with the recession – it is going to take years to catch up with the Government’s building target

Fact – the population of the UK has been growing steadily and is forecast to continue growing

Fact – the number of households in the UK is increasing all the time, even without population growth

Fact – credit conditions are easing, if only slowly – as the economy recovers from recession, lending conditions will loosen meaning that property finance, in other words, mortgages, will become more easier to get, resulting in greater demand from owner occupiers and investors.

Put simply, there is still a major imbalance between the supply of property and the demand for it, and in the long term, as confidence returns to the market, and crucially finance, this will inevitably cause prices to rise.

Astute investors know that now is the time to buy while:

Prices are still relatively cheap and are still well below their 2007 peak.

There is still uncertainty in the market meaning that many sellers are prepared to accept discounted prices in order to achieve a sale

The rental market is extremely strong and the returns you can get are often substantially higher than for other types of investment

The Next 18 months Could Be The Best Opportunity For Years in Which To Buy Property!

Now, despite the odds, many ‘experts’ are saying that the next 18 months could be the best time to buy property for a generation, and that the signals say “buy, buy, buy”.

So property investing is not ‘finished’, despite what the media might tell us.

Just imagine how you’d feel now if you had:

  • · a positive cash flow, in other words income, not just from one property but from a whole portfolio, and if you could spend that income as you like, when you like
  • · the security of knowing that when the property market recovers (which it will) you will have bought so cheaply you’ll have instant and substantial built in equity

In other words, just imagine how you’d feel if you had true financial independence.

And at the moment, by buying carefully selected property, and by buying in the right way and by using the right techniques, I believe you can achieve that.

And I want to show you how!

So if this is such a great time to buy, why aren’t more people taking action and buying property now?

In my experience failing to act often comes down to one simple thing: fear.

More specifically, the fear of failure.

Or sometimes it comes down to just not knowing how to start or what to do.

And sometimes it’s simply just because of a lack of confidence.

Although we are still in a ‘once in a generation buying opportunity’, many would-be buyers will do nothing and will miss the boat. You can be sure that they’ll look back in a couple of years time and kick themselves for missing out, but it’ll be too late.

And the reason why they’ll do nothing is because they lack confidence: in themselves; in the market; and in their techniques and buying strategies.

But this needn’t be you!

I’ll Tell You Everything You Need To Know To Help You Succeed…

The good news is that in my experience the antidote to fear, ignorance and lack of confidence is knowledge.

That’s why I have put together, in a single resource, all the knowledge I used, plus the experience I gained, in building my own multi-million pound property portfolio, so that you can do the same!

And that’s why I think this is the perfect time to tell you about The Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass because the top quality information will be of enormous benefit to new and experienced investors alike who don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Whether you want to buy one or two properties just to supplement your income or your pension, or whether you want to go full time in property and put together your own multi million pound portfolio, you will find the all the information you need in the Property Investors High Profit Masterclass.

….In Probably The Best Information Package I’ve Ever Put Together

If you’ll give me just a couple of minutes of your time I’ll explain why I am offering probably the best property information product I have ever created, at a totally ridiculous price, and how it will show you everything you need to know to succeed in property today.

Who Am I?

Before we go any further let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Peter Jones, and I am a Chartered Surveyor, and an author, but above all I am a property investor.

You may have read some of my material before.

I contribute regularly to Property Auction News, Hot Property Alert and Property Investor News.

And I have written several best selling publications about investing in the UK including An Insider’s Guide to Successful Property Investing and The Successful Property Investor’s Strategy Workshop.

I have also written a number of overseas property investment guides for PropertySecrets/jojaffa, including Spanish Property Secrets and French Property Secrets.

But primarily I am a property investor and over the last 10 years I have built a portfolio of 61 properties in the UK, and all starting using virtually none of my own money.

It all Started With Some Worthless Videos From A Big Seminar Company

Let me start by telling you how this all began. About 6 years ago I bought a set of videos from a property seminar company which had been filmed at one of their weekend events.

I was really excited when they arrived, and dropped everything I was doing so I could watch them straight through.

There was about 15 hours of video and so I stayed up all night because I was sure I was going to learn loads of new stuff and get all sorts of new insights into property investing.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. This company claimed to be ‘the best’ in the business, but the quality of the information was very poor, a lot of it was irrelevant to most investors, and a lot of it was obviously just padding.

More worryingly, some of the “techniques” and “tricks” they were teaching their students were verging on fraudulent, especially their tips on “arranging finance”.

I guess I got away lightly, though. At least I “only” bought the videos; if I had attended the weekend it would have cost me a lot more money and wasted even more of my time!

There Must Be a Better Way!

But it got me thinking. I decided to produce a video set that was so packed full of top quality information that there could be no argument that it was fantastic value for money. Then investors wouldn’t have to make do with padded, irrelevant, possibly “illegal” information.

Instead they’d have access to all the
information, tips and techniques which would help grow their business, and not a seminar company’s business.

Remember, at that time, many of those companies were using their weekend seminars to plug off-plan property deals from which they were making substantial commissions.

Information of REAL Value…

So I started to draft the content of my “weekend” seminar to put on video – giving a lot of thought to what I would want to learn if I were attending, and what information would be of real value to anyone watching.

I wanted to include everything I knew about property investing and, if there was something I didn’t know, I wanted to research it so I could include that as well!

…Which Took ME 3 Years TO Put Together

As I went through this process I realised that collating all of this information would be a massive job. And I was right. I ended up with 25 separate power point presentations, many over an hour in length, along with hundreds of pages of notes, and literally thousands of slides.

Although I wasn’t working on it ‘full time’, it took me the best part of 3 years to put all of this information together.

Why We Should All Be Very Excited About The UK Property Market!

I think that the next 18 months is going to be a big year in property, but only those who are prepared and ready to act will prosper and be successful.

The rest will be left to look back in a few years time and to think of what might have been.

It’s said that during a recession there is often a massive transference of wealth – fortunes are lost whilst new fortunes are made.

This is particularly true in property which, it is said, has made more millionaires than any other industry. And many of those property millionaires will say that their wealth was made in a recession when they were able to buy property other people no longer wanted, at pennies in the pound.

Technically we may now be out of recession, but we’ll feeling the effects for many years to come and wealth will continue to transfer.

The key thing is to ensure that you are on the right end of the flow of wealth and that you buy when others are selling.

The next 18 months could be the perfect time to do just that. And I’m going to show you how you can do it.

Here’s The Good News!

  • · Many properties are “cheap”. Many properties are still available at prices well below the 2007 peak and available at rock bottom prices, if an investor is prepared to search them out
  • · Rental yields increased as prices fell, and rents are now rising again as many ‘accidental’ or ‘reluctant’ landlords sell their properties instead of renting them out. For now it’s still possible to find Cash Flow Positive Properties if you know how
  • · Interest rates are at a record low and are probably going to stay that way for a while. Although the banks are still charging mortgage rates well above base rate, over time we can see the cost of finance coming down
  • · There are fewer buyers, meaning that when you buy you will almost be able to dictate your own terms, including price
  • · Some sellers will accept offers representing a significant discount on what can already be a cheap asking price, meaning properties can, FOR THE TIME BEING, be purchased at prices which are below the true market value….but these opportunities will begin to dry up as the market recovers…
  • · Finance is available if you know where to look – the terms might not be as attractive as they have been in the past, but it’s ‘good enough’ to allow most of us to snap up these bargains
  • · Despite what you may have heard refinancing and pulling ALL of your money back out of a deal is still possible, in fact relatively easy, if you know what you are doing

All in all this adds up to a recipe for property investment success for those who are prepared to take action now.

I’ll show you all you need to know to take action today

That’s why, in The Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass I’ll show you:

  • · How to buy property at pennies in the £
  • · How to find and identify only the best properties and how to avoid the ones you really shouldn’t buy
  • · How to source all the deals you’ll ever need
  • · How to find as much finance as you’ll need, even in a credit crunch, without having to rely on buy to let
  • · 5 ways to substantially boost your property returns like a pro
  • · How to devise the right strategy for these market conditions
  • · How to draw up a plan which will ensure your property success
  • · 13 ways of finding bargain property, even in a falling market
  • · How to increase your profits, and how to buffer yourself against falling prices in the future, by renovating property for profits – this is something hardly anyone gets right but I’ll show you how to do it properly
  • · How to make sure you pay the lowest possible bargain price, every time
  • · And much, much more


Here’s What You’ll Learn

Let me show you in detail what you will learn when you order your copy of The Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass.

DVD 1Introduction including “Have you got what it takes to be successful in property?” and “Is property right for YOU?

In my experience a lot of investors take a lot for granted, so let’s challenge some of these deeply held, misguided beliefs before we start! Let me show why you can be successful!

DVD 2How to set your property goals.

This is a subject which even many experienced investors struggle with and yet which is crucial for your success. Many investors find expressing and quantifying their goals difficult, especially in the context of property. This is so important we’ll look at this in a lot of detail, and set you on the right track to success.

DVD 3How to devise the right strategy to achieve your goals.

This is an essential pre-requisite to taking action and, of course, without action our goals just remain as dreams. There are many strategies we can choose from but the key to success is to choose the right one!

DVD 4Other People’s Money and how to get it.

Like it or not, even in a falling market, property is expensive in relative terms and property is a debt driven business. Successful investors know that success is often about knowing how and where to get the best finance. The right property deal can make a good deal great; the wrong finance can make any deal poor. We’ll be looking at the different sources of finance, conventional and non-conventional.

DVD 5Five powerful ways to boost our property returns.

The easiest way to invest is to buy a property and then wait. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but I think we can do much better. In fact I know that if we do the right things we can supercharge our returns to almost unbelievable levels. This session will show how.

DVD 6What type of property should I buy and where should I buy it?

Many investors spend more time thinking about where to go on holiday than they do about the best location for them to buy a property. And very few think about the options when it comes to the type of property. Now’s the time to address these issues before we start looking, and before we make a massive, costly mistake.

DVD 7How to find properties that fit your goals, strategy and plan.

Anyone can buy a property but, in this market, if you buy the wrong one you could be doomed to financial failure. But buy the right one and you could be guaranteed financial success! I’ll show you how to spot the difference.

DVD 8How to make overseas property profits

Over the last few years many investors have diversified overseas. With the UK market struggling, those who chose the right locations are very glad they did. As full recovery in the UK is probably still some way off, buying overseas may become much more important strategically for anyone who is serious about property.

DVD 9How to make property refurbishment profits

One of the key techniques for making property profits in a falling market is by refurbishing or redevelopment – either to sell on, or to refinance and pull equity out. This comprehensive session tells you everything you need to know based on my experience of over 12 years of “doing property up”.

DVD 10How to make sure you never buy the wrong property

A critical session. Buying the wrong property could ruin you. This is an in depth look at how to ensure your due diligence uncovers everything you need to know including what the true value of the property is…if you are buying BMV you really need to know this!

DVD 11How to negotiate profitable deals and How to create your mastermind team

A lot of investors fancy themselves as negotiators but the truth is that very few are good at it. Do you always enter a negotiation with a detailed, step by step plan? If not, you need to watch this. You’ll find yourself significantly better off next time you come to negotiate a property deal (or any other deal, for that matter).

What’s a mastermind team and why do you need one? The truth is your success in property will be accelerated dramatically if you know and mix with the right people. I’ll show you how to find them.

DVD 12How should you own your properties? and How to manage your business.

If there’s 2 subjects that are almost guaranteed to confuse investors it’s what’s the best way to structure a property business and what does this mean for their tax bill. Closely related to this is how you can put the systems in place to make sure that the right things are done by the right people at the right time.

DVD 133 types of property investment investors rarely consider

DVD 143 more types of property investment investors rarely consider

The titles of DVDs 13 & 14 are really self explanatory. These are interesting opportunities if you are looking for something a little different, or want to diversify your portfolio away from ‘bread & butter’ buy to let.

DVD 15How to plan for property success.

Perhaps one of the most important sessions, pulling together everything we have learnt and using it to plan for future property success. The purpose of the plan is to help you to take action, and to make sure you take the right action.

Total: 15 DVDs, 16 hours of top information

And You Get All Of This AND MORE At a Stupidly Low Price!

If I am going to persuade you to try The Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass, I know I have to make sure that you know it’s worth your while.

I know other property courses that sell for around £2,000 and because of the amount of “blood, sweat and tears” that have gone into producing The Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass it would be tempting to charge that amount.

But I believe a product should be priced to give fantastic value for money. Based on the quality of the information I think I could easily justify a price of £1950 but to make sure you get outstanding value I would, in any case, have discounted this to £997.

That would have been an amazing offer because I know the information is worth far more than that.

Even at that price it would have been a steal.

But what I am proposing now is even better!

I am not proposing £2,000, not even £997, which is the price this DVD set was to originally retail at, but I am making you a one time only, crazy reduced price of:

ONLY £497 plus p&p!

At just £497 plus p&p I have to admit that it feels like I am almost giving it away.

An Admission

Because I try and take a long term view on property and because I have tried to cover the ‘fundamentals’ and not current fads, most of the information in The Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass is highly relevant for today.

In fact, in many respects, much of the information is now especially timely.

But I am also a realist. Although most of the material is still extremely relevant, and some content is even more relevant I have to admit that because the market is in something of a state of flux, some you may not be able to use immediately, and some has been superseded by events, for now.

Even so, although it’s hard to quantify, I’d say that the content is still 95% applicable to today’s market.

And don’t forget, because markets are cyclical, you can be sure that what isn’t applicable today will be again when the market stabilises. So in reality, none of this information will ever be wasted.

Special Free Bonus Number One

Because I’m asking such a low price I am tempted to say this is the price for the DVDs only.

However, I want you to be totally confident that you are getting fantastic value for money so as a special free bonus I will also include the hundreds of pages of reference material, all my notes and slides, as PDF documents on a cd-rom, which you can study at home in your own time.

And, just to make sure you are totally satisfied, if you order NOW, I am going to send you a special bonus which will keep you fully up to date with today’s market…

Special FREE Bonus Number Two…But Only If You Order Now!

To make sure you don’t miss out, I will send you a SPECIAL FREE BONUS, an audio update and interview with one of the UK’s top mortgage advisors who will explain exactly what’s happening in the mortgage market and how you can raise finance and use circumstances to your advantage. This audio will help to fill in any gaps.

Special FREE Bonus Number Three

PLUS, if you order through this website now, today, I will also send you as a special one-time only bonus a FREE copy of my 4 cd set audio version of my best selling manual ‘The Successful Property Investor’s Strategy Workshop‘, worth £49.97

Special FREE Bonus Number Four

PLUS, if you order now, today, I will also send you a FREE audio copy of my manual “How to Find and Buy Repossessed Property at Bargain Prices“, worth £29.97

Extended 90 Day, No Quibble, Full Refund Guarantee

If you’ve purchased any of my products before I hope you’ll agree that I always try to give quality and value for money.

But I want you to be able to try The Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass, totally risk free and with total confidence. So I am offering a full 90 day, no quibble, full money back guarantee.

Take your time to review the DVDs and go through the notes and other material and if, for any reason, you are not happy just send it back any time within 90 days and I’ll arrange for a full refund with no questions asked.

That gives you almost 3 full months to decide if you want to keep it!

And even if in the highly unlikely event you decide that you do not want to keep it and send it back, you can still keep the audio versions of my manuals as a special thank you for trying the Property Investor’s High Profit Masterclass.

But You Need To Act Now – I’m Already Feeling Sellers Remorse!

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PPPS And to keep you up to date with the latest finance news I’ll also send you a copy of my interview with one the UK’s leading mortgage experts

Plus a Free 4 cd audio copy of my best selling manual ‘The Successful Property Investor’s Strategy Workshop

Plus a Free audio copy of ‘How to Find and Buy Repossessed Property at Bargain Prices

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